What Is a Link Audit?

SEO is the buzzword today and many firms and professionals are marketing link audits. However, what is a link audit? To understand what this concept is about, we have to know some of the basic terms related to link building strategies. Link building: This is a strategy which ensures that the links are strong and

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New Bill Hartzer Logo

I’ve recently made some changes to my main BillHartzer.com website, and one of the major upgrades was a new logo. You don’t realize how many places on the web where your company logo is needed, and it’s not just on your website. Even in more places than on Facebook, Google Plus, and on Twitter. I

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SEO Problems to Avoid

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – is technically defined as making your website more relevant to what a someone is searching for at a search engine–so your website will show up in the search engine results pages. Showing up will increase the traffic to your website and your company’s overall online visibility. Even though it has

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Reflagging a Hotel

The phrase hotel reflagging signifies that a hotel has changed its name–and initially was beneath a particular brand (for instance Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and so on.) and now includes a new name. It features a new flag. There can be numerous measures that have to be taken when the owner with the hotel home does

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Exact Match Domain Names

What is an Exact Match Domain Name? Exact Match Domain Names are just that–domain names that contain an exact match of a keyword or keyword phrase. So, an example of an exact match domain name would be “books.com” or “travel.com” or even Keyword1Keyword2.com where “keyword1” is one word and “keyword2” is another keyword. It’s widely

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A Review of Pinterest

So, you have probably heard about this new up and coming social media site called Pinterest. I decided to write a Pinterest Review to find out exactly what is so Pinteresting about Pinterest. I mean, really: why are so many people flocking to Pinterest, another social bookmarking site that seems to be getting all sorts

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Facebook Timeline for Pages

Timeline for Pages on Facebook does not provide admins the ability to set a default landing tab. Here’s why we think that is a great thing. Facebook lately revealed Timeline for Pages, and subsequently eliminated the Facebook default landing tab. You can no lengthier set a default landing tab. Whilst numerous individuals who admin Facebook

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IFTTT Review

When you have at any time worked having an auto scheduler for tweeting, you know how helpful they’re. It’s excellent to become in a position to routine automated tweets to be tweeted at certain occasions. Right here is how to setup and use IFTTT for Search Engine Optimization duties.

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