What Is a Link Audit?

SEO is the buzzword today and many firms and professionals are marketing link audits. However, what is a link audit? To understand what this concept is about, we have to know some of the basic terms related to link building strategies.

Link building: This is a strategy which ensures that the links are strong and fresh. We will be able to do this by implementing great methods that will increase the chances of our link. The fundamental aim of a link audit is to make sure that the link is not just a cookie cutter link to a website that is just about to get shut down.

Link building services: These are service providers who work closely with the SEO Company in order to take care of all link building activities. These companies are experts in link building as well as link monitoring, so you can get complete control over your link building strategy. They can provide you the best link building and link monitoring solutions.

Link audit: This process is very similar to a link building audit. The aim here is to ascertain the strength of the link between the two parties involved. In this case, it is about finding out if the link is old and fresh or is it a duplicate link.

Affiliate programs: There are so many companies offering service in link building and link marketing but for some people it may be hard to distinguish between a legitimate affiliate program and one that is just about to get closed. These days, a good affiliate program is all about products and services that are offered by third party web sites, and affiliates are selling these products.

Domain linking: One of the biggest problems that a person can face in link building is domain linking. If we link the domains from the same web site, it will mean that the search engines are able to recognize the content of the website and they will be able to determine that the links are genuine.

In summary, a link audit is a process that allows us to have knowledge of our link building strategy. We can get hold of the problems that occur on the back-end of the link building process. This allows us to address those problems with the web site that we are working on.

A link audit may not be required for every SEO service, but it is most important for a search engine optimization expert. A good link audit is the key for one to have strong links.