How One Setting Could Be Hurting Your WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Did you realize that 1 little, easy-to-fix, weblog setting in WordPress actually has the power to practically kill any and all of your WordPress Search Engine Optimization efforts of all your weblog posts? In the event you don’t set up WordPress correctly, this 1 setting will make all of your Seo efforts go down the drain. Unless of course this is set correctly, you might not even know why your blog poss are not ranking well in Google. Let me clarify.

When you publish a weblog publish in your WordPress weblog, if you don’t have the date and time set properly, the weblog publish could be published as if it were published within the previous (for example, 1 day ago), when really it is being posted/published “right now”. Why is this a problem? Google utilizes the date *YOU SET* in your WordPress weblog to determine when precisely a weblog publish was published. And Google utilizes that date in the actual search result listing for the blog post–as well as part from the “freshness” component from the search engine algorithm.

When you have your time zone set incorrectly, you will fairly possibly not get any extra Seo increase from the “freshness” of your weblog publish. Your weblog publish will never display up in the direction of the leading of the search results if somebody searches for a keyword phrase and sorts the search results by the “past hour” or sorted “by date”. There’s a choice to complete that shown on the left sidebar of the search results, as shown beneath:

But, what might be much more important, is that your new blog post may not receive as much of an “SEO boost” from extra new links, social bookmarks, or social “sharing” that occur rapidly after a blog publish is published. It has been my observation that if a weblog publish is posted (it’s a new URL) and it receives new links, social bookmarks, and social “shares” within a particular period of time, that new URL starts to gain traction: and will ultimately rank much better than if it isn’t promoted. Blog posts, even if they’re published and promoted right following being published, won’t benefit from the additional promotion if the Time Zone setting is not correct in WordPress. Why?

If Google thinks the blog post is “old” then it will not advantage from the “freshness” of the weblog post. Even though it might in fact be new and fresh, Google relies around the date that “we set” on our blog posts, not once they first discovered the URL.

So, how do you change this? How do you make sure that your WordPress blog posts aren’t falling victim to this wrong setting?

one. Log into WordPress (i.e.,
two. Around the left side, select “settings”.
three. In the middle from the web page, look for “Timezone”.
four. check your timezone to make sure the time is correct

If everything is correct, then you should be just fine–there is absolutely nothing to alter. If it is not right, or when the timezone is showing some thing different, then you will have Search engine optimization problems with each and each weblog post. And if you are doing any weblog post promotion and link developing for your weblog posts, you probably currently understand that the timing is essential. Don’t let your one simple WordPress setting harm all of your search engine optimization efforts. Verify your timezone setting.

I just have one question: Why is Google relying around the date that we set on our personal blog? Shouldn’t Google be relying around the date of once they crawl our new weblog publish?