Ginzametrics SEO Software Integrates with SEOmoz

Ginzametrics, an enterprise-level SEO software device, is now integrating with SEOmoz’s Website Intelligence Service API. Via the API, Ginzametrics now provides comprehensive metrics on more than 58 billion pages and more than 617 billion links.

Google Announces Impression Share Metrics for Ad Groups

On January 30th, 2012, Google will begin rolling out Impression Share Metrics in the Ad Group degree in Google AdWords. If you’re acquainted with Google AdWords, Google’s pay per click (PPC) plan, and also you use it each day, you then understand that this really is going to be a really welcome new feature.

Snow Day

On one of my blogs, I recently posted an article about how to stay safe during your snow day.


So, you might have noticed that today many web sites, which includes Wikipedia, Reddit, and Google. Some have blacked out their whole website and others have blacked out their logo in protest of new pending legislation within the United states. What does SOPA, PIPA, Internet Censorship, and Free Speech really imply? Nicely, a lot with …

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Foursquare Review

I am not precisely sure why, but the social networking foursquare is really a favorite social networking site of mine. This really is my foursquare review.

Why Quora is the Next Social Media Superstar

I have noticed in the past week that I have started to receive a ton of Quora friend requests from all of my social media contacts and even the search engine marketing and search engine optimization experts that have my email address.

Owen Frager and Successful Marketing in the 21st Century

Owen Frager, the Chief Innovation Officer of the Frager Creative Group, 1 from the nation’s 1st virtual marketing communications companies serving Lot of money five hundred manufacturers, has lately composed an fascinating article about the 7 stage recipe for marketing good results. In it, he describes how there’s a great deal more to interactive digital …

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How to Track Santa Claus

Do you want know using how to track Santa Claus this year using your favorite social media website like Twitter or Facebook, or another service online or maybe even how to track Santa Claus by phone?

Google AdWords Sitelinks

Sitelinks for paid advertisers on Google, also called Google AdWords Sitelinks, have been around for about a year now and if you are not already taking advantage of these fun ad enhancements, then it’s high time to do so.

2011 Marketing Budgets for Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing

I just posted a blog post about a new survey that is out today that shows that the 2011 Marketing Budget at companies are going to increase their spend on social media marketing and search engine marketing. The study was conducted jointly by Goldstein Group Communications and Hearst Business Media. An annual marketing budget survey …

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First Post on my other Bill Hartzer blog

I thought it was about time to start another blog, kind of a test bed for all sorts of stuff. I mean, I really wanted to start another blog on another TLD, this time myname dot net. So, here it is, Bill, which is actually separate than my other site,

SEO: Internal Anchor Text Links

With regards to search engine optimization and optimizing your website, the anchor text of one’s internal links, the internal anchor text links are essential. Let’s take a a appear additional and discuss more about internal anchor text links.

SEO Tip: Keywords in URLs

For search engine optimization, keywords in URLs are important. Your keywords are a excellent device to achieve possible clients, so make them a priority. Nevertheless, you need to do much more than just have these keywords in your tags as well as your text. They should also be found inside your URLs. This can be …

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YouTube Has a New Design

If you have not noticed, or have not been to YouTube lately, then you most likely do not understand that the world’s most well-known video site just upgraded. There is a YouTube new design on their site, and the old YouTube is no longer. Well, they have upgraded the design on their web site Each …

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Flaw Discovered in Facebook Account Security Lets Websites Auto Post on Facebook Walls

Even after leaving, a severe flaw in Facebook account security permits any website to post and “Like” a page with out the user’s knowledge or permission. Easy JavaScript code that is freely available, positioned on any internet page, will instantly “Like” a URL and post about it on Facebook Users’ walls with out their …

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