February 2016 – Blog, SEO, and Domain Names Update

I just realized that it’s actually been two years since I last posted on by .net blog. So much has changed since then, and even though I’ve been keeping up with the WordPress updates I haven’t made any posts.

First, I thought that I would update you on domain names. There’s these things called New gTLDs, which are new domain name extensions. Rather than .com and .net, you can actually get things like .company, .xyz, and even .ninja. Well, check out Bill.Ninja, which should redirect over to my main blog site.

Speaking of my blog, well, I do post just about every single day now on my .COM site, so that’s where you probably want to keep updated on what’s going on.

As for SEO, well, I really can say that combining social media and SEO, which I’ve spoken about at multiple conferences over the years on, is the way to go. You have to write great content, then you need to go over to your favorite social media sites and promote your content. Content that’s not promoted properly or promoted in a timely fashion won’t go anywhere. Combine SEO with social media and you’ll have a winning combination.

Hopefully it won’t be another two years until I make another post here on the .Net site, let’s just see how it goes. 😉