How to Track Performance in Google Analytics

PPC managers have struggled for a long time with the inability to track individual sitelink performance in Google AdWords. Cindy Prathoumvanh, on the Standing Dog blog, has solved the problem within Google Analytics. Cindy has discovered how to Track Performance in Google Analytics.

Google AdWords combines the performance metrics for each set of sitelinks at the campaign level. Therefore, you cannot drill down to each individual sitelink in order to see which sitelink had more clicks, which one converted or which sitelink just needed to be replaced. This is a dilemma all Pay Per Click managers have struggled with for quite some time.

As someone who manages a Google AdWords campaign, I can tell you that we have actually been looking for answers in the wrong place. When Google AdWords would not deliver the data we needed it to, we had to look elsewhere. We found the answers with Google Analytics.

You can use Google Analytics to track performance in Google Analytics. Take a look how Cindy Prathoumvanh solves this problem.