Do You Have a Plan for Social Media Crisis Management?

Social Media Crisis Management

If you have a social media team at your company, or you have someone who is handling the social media accounts for your brand and your business, then you probably should have a plan for social media crisis management. If there is an issue that comes up all of a sudden that must be addressed, do you have a plan in place to handle it?

Just recently, we have seen several major companies–big brands–have huge social media issues on their hands. Such as the recent Applebees incident: NBC reported:

Applebee’s felt the fury of the Internet after a waitress in St. Louis was fired for posting a customer’s receipt (including a legible signature) on Reddit and the story went viral.

More recently, we have the SimCity launch which was a complete disaster. cNet reported that:

SimCity’s requirement for an always-on Internet connection is backfiring, as the game servers are currently going up and down like a yo-yo. How quickly can EA solve this problem?

So, what’s your plan? Do you have procedure in place for handling a social media crisis?