Why You Should Blog Every Single Day

Do you check your email every single day or several times a day? Or, if it’s your work email, do you check your email every day? Or maybe you have your email open all the time, like me. At least why you are working? Well, if you are active online, run an online business, and answer emails and your phone, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t blog every day. Or at least post “something” each and every day. Why? By keeping your website (and your blog) active, you’re telling everyone: not only the search engines, but real humans, that you are alive and well, your business is thriving, and you are there for them: your customers.

There is nothing like going to a website, going there to potentially do business with them: and they haven’t updated their blog in the last month. I know how hard it is. Really, I have made it my personal goal to write a blog post each and every day, even if I don’t have something to write about. But honestly, there is always something to write about, even if it is trivial. Just like this blog post.

Not only do the search engine technically “know” when you last posted on your blog, your customers and potential customers really do come to your site. And if it’s a ghost town or it’s not updated, well..

So trust me when I say: blog each and every day. Think of it as writing an email. It doesn’t have to be long and you don’t have to “hit a home run” each and every time you make a post. But an updated blog goes a long way.

You know what? I know some bloggers / writers / whatever you want to call them (business owners) who write and post several times a day. And you can see how well their business is doing. You keep seeing their blog posts.