February 16, 2014 – SEO, Blog, Social Media, Domain Update

Here we are, half of February is gone, and 2014 is going strong. Now is about the time when we start seeing our New Year’s Resolutions not be met, like going to the gym every day: lots of people stop going about now, and so it might be a good time to go get a gym membership. But what about our New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 as a whole? You know, those things as a marketer that you wanted to get done this year? Are you on track? I think I am. My BillHartzer.com blog is going strong, with traffic increasing every day. In fact, there were a few things that I wanted to get done this year on my main blog: [Read more…]

SEO Audit of Your Site

On my main blog, I wrote an article about how it’s really important to perform an SEO audit of your website on a regular basis. I came up with 8 reasons why you should perform an SEO audit. If it’s only the lost traffic that you recover from 404 errors or other small issues that you can fix on your site that bring more traffic and visitors, it is worth it.

We perform regular oil changes on our cars, right? Well, think of an SEO Audit as an oil change. Get that bad dirty oil out of your car, and it will run smoother and perform better.

New Bill Hartzer Logo

I’ve recently made some changes to my main BillHartzer.com website, and one of the major upgrades was a new logo. You don’t realize how many places on the web where your company logo is needed, and it’s not just on your website. Even in more places than on Facebook, Google Plus, and on Twitter. I keep coming across new places to upload my logo and new images. [Read more…]