Owen Frager and Successful Marketing in the 21st Century

Owen Frager, the Chief Innovation Officer of the Frager Creative Group, 1 from the nation’s 1st virtual marketing communications companies serving Lot of money five hundred manufacturers, has lately composed an fascinating article about the 7 stage recipe for marketing good results. In it, he describes how there’s a great deal more to interactive digital marketing than eye-catching banner advertisements, low cost deals, and clever domain names.

According to Owen Frager, “Marketing gives character and differentiates for benefit. Marketing produces relationships with customers that go deeper than anything you market or make. And naturally, social marketing facilitates these relationships and drives phrase of mouth.”

Mr. Owen Frager says that “2012 is the year to stand out inside a me-too on-line globe.”

I’m paraphrasing right here, but as I recall, here’s Owen Frager’s 7 stage recipe for marketing good results in the twenty-first century:
1. Individuals do not buy brands. They join brands.
2. What’s presently related is constantly altering.
3. You are able to marketplace to 1 and all.
4. You can change to become what your clients need.
5. Connecting individuals to every other connects them for you.
6. Money may be produced with out selling something.
7. Digital is the way it all occurs.
a. Cross-promotion that shares costs and extends budgets.
b. Redirection of marketing bucks to collaborative efforts that raise awareness and revenue.
c. Suggestions as themes, products, promotional autos, and monetized resources.

In accordance to Owen Frager, “remember, the new design is collaboration, not competitors.” Marketing in the 21st Century is not necessarily all about competition, it’s more about collaboration, and even social media marketing on the web these days is about collaborating with your clients and potential customers, and not always about your competition.

Marketing provides character and differentiates for advantage. Marketing creates relationships with clients that go deeper than something you market or make. And naturally, social marketing, however to be mastered by most, facilitates these relationships and drives phrase of mouth.