First Post on my other Bill Hartzer blog

I thought it was about time to start another blog, kind of a test bed for all sorts of stuff. I mean, I really wanted to start another blog on another TLD, this time myname dot net. So, here it is, Bill, which is actually separate than my other site,

I also have maintained another blog for a while now, about 100+ posts, on which is totally random stuff. Anything from a few links out to stuff that I want to get indexed quickly or just other types of information that may even be a client link or bookmark. Or even family stuff that I feel needs to be posted.

So, here we go now with this new blog, this new Bill Hartzer site. Totally new, totally fresh. And whatever ends up here ends up here.

Okay, so here is a WordPress search engine optimization tip for you: always, ALWAYS insert a “more” tag after the first paragraph of text. Otherwise, you’ll end up with duplicate content and the blog post will most likely not get indexed very quickly and it will not rank at all in the search engines.