How to Upgrade to Facebook Timeline

Timeline will be the new Facebook profile. Inform your life story via pictures, friendships and individual milestones like graduating or traveling to new places. Facebook Timeline is a new feature that was released a while back on Facebook. When you have not carried out so currently, I extremely suggest which you take the time to upgrade your Facebook Timeline so that you are now in 2012, and not stuck back in the old Facebook Time machine of 2011. Definitely, there are many critics of the Facebook Timeline feature, but personally I have discovered that it is rather refreshing to become in a position to possess a brand new enhanced edition of Facebook, as everything truly does require an upgrade each and every as soon as in a while.

So, in order to be one of the cool people who are now utilizing the Facebook Timeline feature, or if you just wish to keep up with all of our Facebook friends and upgrade to the newest and greatest edition of Facebook, then there are several steps which you have to take to be able to make sure that your account is upgraded towards the new Facebook Timeline. This new function is sort of a new type of Facebook profile, a brand new way to see all the updates and everything else that your Facebook friends are posting.

Here are a couple of concerns and answers about Facebook Timeline:

Q: What’s Facebook Timeline?

A: Timeline is really a new function in Facebook that replaces the profile page. It shows the story of your life, while you choose to inform it or as Facebook has recorded it, in a visual, scrolling, ordered timeline. It’s a cross in between visual blog and on-line scrapbook. Enjoyable reality: Facebook Timeline was accidentally released very briefly towards the public back in December 2010 when it was known as “Facebook Memories,” but it was promptly removed.

Q: How can I get Facebook Timeline?

A: Visit the Facebook Timeline announcement page and take a look at the bottom in the page to get a green button that says “Get Timeline.”

Q: What seems on my Timeline?

A: Standing updates, pictures, friendships produced, in addition to occupation history, marital status changes, and other information that you’ve recorded inside your profile.

Q: Is the Timeline replacing my Facebook wall?

A: Yes and no. Timeline will substitute your profile page and wall, only following you opt into it and either publish it or 7 days following you allow it.

When you log into Facebook and visit, that feed page of Recent Stories will still be the same. But, when you or visitors go to your unique Facebook URL, such as, they will have the ability to see your Timeline instead of one’s old profile info and wall.

Q: I’m be concerned about privacy! Who can see my Facebook Timeline?

A: Everybody on Facebook will probably be able to see your Timeline in general, but not everyone will be able to determine every post.

The seven day waiting period in between when you sign up for Timeline and when it goes live provides you the opportunity to delete objects or alter the permission settings post by post, photo by photo, and so on.

Every Timeline entry has a pen icon in the upper correct corner where you can edit the permissions. See the image over for an instance.

Q: Can I restrict which individuals who can see certain pieces of info, photos, as well as other particulars of my Timeline?

A: Yes! Within the exact same way which you can manage who can see a status update or photo, you can limit who sees all of the entries of your Timeline. Every entry features a drop-down menu next to it that lets you filter who can see the item.

Q: Can I delete status updates, pictures, as well as other content material from my Timeline?

A: Yes! Deleting is an option. Just click that pen icon to edit, and you will see “delete.”

Q: When is Facebook Timeline accessible?

A: Now!

Q: It sounds like you’ve attempted out Facebook Timeline. How is it?

A: I should admit that I liked playing with it a great deal over I liked filling in standard profile information. I set up Timeline on a Facebook account that doesn’t have as well a lot information in it, so it did not feel overwhelming, but I could see how an active Facebook consumer would really feel totally bowled over the very first time she or he opened the Timeline. Fortunately, the Timeline has a “publish” button (much like a blog), so you have an chance to spend some time teasing it into shape, adding the permissions you would like, deleting or marking private pictures you do not want everyone to determine, and so forth. In the event you do not press the publish button within 7 days of setting up your Timeline, however, it’ll go reside instantly!

Most Facebook customers, I believe, will wish to dedicate some time to combing through their info before hitting publish, but it’s by and large a one-time setup procedure. Following the one-time setup, new Timeline entries will come from your Facebook activity, and you will be adding permissions and making other adjustments while you go.

I also like how you can add existence occasions, either current or back-dated. A few of the life events are pre-set in Facebook, like getting a new occupation and purchasing a house, but you can also create a custom existence occasion or milestone.

Q: What exactly are a few of the cons?

A: The dimensions for show pictures is unconventional, and I found that I did not like how most of my images looked when I uploaded them without manipulating their size and dimensions. You are able to drag an image round the viewer area, but you cannot crop or resize from straight within Facebook. (I’m taking bets now on how quickly Facebook will build an image editor, or acquire a business that already tends to make 1.)

You can back-date new entries in your timeline with a nice calendar that allows you to rapidly jump to a year within the past, and optionally, you are able to add a month. If you would like to add a memory out of your childhood or back-date pictures from your previous, it’s pretty simple to do so.