What is the Best Blog Post of All Time?

I am on the hunt for the best blog post of all time. I am compiling a list of the best blog posts of all time and am going to rate them using various methods that define quality, amount of traffic, and overall awesomeness.

Ecommerce SEO Expert Job Opening in New York City

An ecommerce company in the New York area (New York City) is seeking what they are calling an SEO ninja. They seeking an ecommerce SEO expert who will translate overall business goals into successful search engine optimization strategies and tactical plans. The SEO Lead will be responsible for top to bottom management of SEO activities.

Manually Updating Your Facebook Page

Do you have a Facebook page? Did you know that it is very important to manually update your Facebook page versus rely on a feed to update it? Here is why your should manually update your Facebook page rather than relying on a feed for updates.

Generate a QR Code

I wrote a blog post about how to make a QR code for your web site that you might be interested in reading. I have seen QR codes all over the place, especially in the ads in the Wall Street Journal.

Top Retweets on Twitter No Longer in English

During some informal research, I took a look at the top retweets on the social media web site Twitter. I found an interesting trend, that in the past 7 days, the United States is no longer a leader when it comes to tweets that are being retweeted.

Chitika FTC Settlement

The Online Advertising Network Chitika has reached a settlement with the FTC over online ad targeting. The complaint by the FTC was about behavioral ad targeting.

SEO: Anchor Text Flows Like PageRank

If you are in the search engine optimization industry, you might want to take note of this interesting development. I just recently proved to myself that anchor text flows like PageRank from one web page to another. Read more about how anchor text effects search engine optimization and my latest findings on my blog.

Google One Pass Review

On my blog last night, I posted a Google One Pass review, a review of Google’s new payment system for publishers of digital content. So, if you have digital content (like news, articles, your blog, etc.) then you now have a way to sell the content online.