Is Facebook Paid Search Changing the Game?

Facebook Paid Search Results

Are Facebook paid search results changing the game or causing problems? As sponsored search results appear in Facebook’s typeahead, businesses have to consider the implications and challenges the new system presents. Is this feature causing problems by creating a whole new problem or is this new part of the Facebook paid search results on Facebook changing the game? [Read more…]

Overblog Launched in the US

There is a new blog platform in the US called Overblog. If you have ever attempted to add your social media content material to your blog, you realize how troublesome it can be. Setting up automatic tweets, and posts is fairly. Overblog, a new blogging platform that allows you to make probably the most of social media, has launched in the US. [Read more…]

Instagram Photo Album: Facebook Purchases Instagram

Is really a picture really really worth a thousand words? Well, to Facebook, an Instagram Photo Album might just be worth a billion dollars. Yes, that is right, Your Instagram pictures are now going to be a part of Facebook, simply because Facebook just recently purchased Instagram. [Read more…]