Exact Match Domain Names

What is an Exact Match Domain Name? Exact Match Domain Names are just that–domain names that contain an exact match of a keyword or keyword phrase. So, an example of an exact match domain name would be “books.com” or “travel.com” or even Keyword1Keyword2.com where “keyword1” is one word and “keyword2” is another keyword. It’s widely known in the SEO industry that having one of these keyword-rch exact match domain names will astronomically increase the chances that the site will show up on the first page of the search results for a keyword search that contains those keywords or keyword phrase. Currently, this “additional ranking benefit” is only valid for .COM domain names that do NOT contain hyphens. The only other caveat is that the domain name must actually be a live web site on the same topic as the keyword. Ideally, the home page should about the topic of the keyword and it should be “optimized” for that keyword phrase. [Read more…]

How to Remove Paid Links

When it comes to search engine rankings, all of us know that among the major search engine ranking factors is how many links you have for your website. And we know paid links can hurt your search engine rankings. Right here is how you can remove paid links out of your website without hurting your search engine rankings. [Read more…]

IFTTT Review

When you have at any time worked having an auto scheduler for tweeting, you know how helpful they’re. It’s excellent to become in a position to routine automated tweets to be tweeted at certain occasions. Right here is how to setup and use IFTTT for Search Engine Optimization duties. [Read more…]